Tern Verge X20

Tern Verge X20

Tern Verge Folding Bicycle

Sure, they have pretty looks, but the Tern Verge series of folding bicycles are built with that attention to detail and technology that make this an extraordinary build bike.

What sets them apart from other folding bikes are the features and craftsmanship put into each bike built.

Tern Verge uses the following design specs

Double Truss

Folding bikes have a sometimes deserved reputation for flexy frames. All Tern frames feature patented DoubleTruss technology which turns the rear half of the frame into a three dimensional truss so that it’s much more resistant to torsional forces. That equals increased stiffness and much better power transfer from the pedals to the rear wheel.

N Fold Technology

Folding bicycle design hasn’t changed much in decades. N-Fold Technology is a small but important change that results in a faster, and more compact fold. N-Fold Technology includes new frame and handlepost geometries and spins the front wheel by 180 degrees before the central fold, resulting in a package 40 mm (1.5”) shorter. Using N-Fold technology, our Eclipse and Castro bikes are only very slightly larger than the typical small wheel folding bicycle. Bicycles with N-Fold technology can also be folded – easily – in less than ten seconds.

OCL Joint

The OCL Joint is a new reference in folding frame technology. It includes two new patents and everything we know about making the safest, strongest, and most durable frame joint.


Physis Handlepost

Flexy handleposts and noodly handling are the Achilles heel of many folding bicycle designs. The Physis handlepost solves this with a massively strong, precision machined design that virtually eliminates flex. Four new patented technologies go into the design. The proof, of course, is in the ride.


Smooth TIG Welding

The normal TIG welding process for aluminum bicycle frames is done by hand and involves the welder laying down a series of small, overlapping beads covering the two parts to be joined. The better the welder, the more uniform the beads. In the smooth TIG process, the welder makes a “double pass”, laying down a second layer of beads on top of the first. These beads are then sanded down by hand in an intensive process that requires extreme care. Done properly, the frame is strengthened because the possibility of stress risers is reduced. And the result is a very smooth weld joining the two tubes.


Tern Tail Masked Paint

Getting this finish just right needed a LOT of work with our paint factory. It basically involves incredibly meticulous hand-masking to achieve the final result. With the silver/black finish, we hand-polish the aluminum frame to a mirror finish and then follow that with hand-masked black paint. Detail: the shape of a Tern’s tail is echoed in the paint masking.

Bike Accessories

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